Visitors: 155,775 in 2016

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What is Science and Education worth to you?

Did you know that YOU, our members and guests, make a BIG difference in the number of children we are able to serve at the Discovery Center? By purchasing a membership, an event ticket, or even daily admission you are supporting our mission of sparking curiosity, inspiring life-long learning, and bringing families and communities closer together. THANK YOU!
And you can make an even BIGGER impact on that mission by giving a year-end gift to the Discvery Center.

You can inspire young minds.
You can help spark curiosity.
You can impact STEM education right here in our community.

Can you help make our 2018 Wish List a reality?

1. Support once in a lifetime Traveling Exhibits.

  • Spring 2018: Wild Music, Sounds & Songs of Life explore sound and music in nature and in life. ($43,400)
  • Summer 2018 : Aviation- a one of a kind exploration of the science, technology, and engineering behind the art of aeronautics. ($20,000)
  • Fall 2018: Rescue- search and rescue operations take place every minute of every day all around the world.  Visitors will engage with full-body experiences such as firefighting, surf rescue and sea life survival. ($75,000)
  • All exhibits are 100% funded by donations.

2. Space Theater Upgrade- The original Space Theater was built in 1976. In 2003 through the Futures Bright Campaign the system was upgraded to Digistar 3.  As that system is now aging and technology is ever-advancing we are in great need of funds to replace the projector system in the theater. The Space Theater is the only full-dome digital planetarium in our area and allows visitors to voyage to the furthest reaches of our galaxy to examine black holes, stars and planets; travel back in time to investigate ancient civilizations; or visit the deepest parts of our oceans and explore an active coral reef!  ($725,000)

3. Event Support- The Discovery Center depends on donations to make up nearly 30% of our annual income. Annual support and sponsorships of events are vital to DHDC’s sustainability and continued role in our community.  *For more information on how you can partner with the Discovery Center to make a lasting impact contact Regina Ralston, or 806-355-9547.

Give today, and make YOUR impact on future generations.